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Clarity on tap.

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cold brew on tap 

"What do we wish cold brew could be?" 

That's the question that started this. Where it ended was Vice Cold Brew: Triple-filtered, chocolatey, with a hint of starfruit. 

Vice is roasted and brewed here in Portland, Oregon. We combined ethically-sourced coffees from Guatemala and Brazil and balanced them to bring a clean, refreshing start, a chocolatey middle, with a touch of tropical fruit finish.

It's good. 

Oh, more good news:

Your office can get Vice Cold Brew on tap--all Summer. Vice comes with the renowned service of Belmont Coffee Service. That means Belmont sets you up with a kegerator and free delivery in that smooth Belmont-fashion! Yes, that includes the pretty kegerator to the left and a beautiful tap handle.

Enjoy Vice.